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Fresh Historical Research Paper Ideas For Straight-A Students

If you are a straight-A student and you want fast term paper help with creating fresh historical research paper topics, then look no further.

If you are interested in writing about U.S. history paper topics, you should review the list below:

  • Write about the history of African Americans in America.
  • Write a paper that explores the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement all the way to today and the impact that it has had on other minority groups in America
  • Research a paper about the different battles, leaders, and the outcome of the Civil War.
  • Research the colonization of New England and how the perception of New England as a moral mission and a cultural mission is not necessarily true today.
  • Write about how radical the Revolutionary War was at the time and what dramatic changes it brought to the then-social order. Discuss the different ideals which philosophers espoused at the time.
  • Write about the manner in which America was affected by their entrance into the Vietnam War and what wounds are still present today.
  • Research the practice of slavery and its impacts on the successful start up of the colonies
  • Write about the manner in which the Industrial Revolution affected the third world
  • Discuss the difficult path that women have taken in American history
  • Write about the impact of immigration on America and how it has helped build a successful nation.

If you want to write a good paper on world history, you can select one of many world history eras including:

  • An overview of the major historical eras which had the most profound impact on the world
  • An examination of one particular country and how it has changed since its creation.
  • An analysis of some of the most major wars fought around the world and the impacts that they have had since.
  • An overview of various peace treaties or the role that women have played in a country or countries of your choosing.

You can also explore major historical eras including the following:

  • The manner in which the world moved out of the Dark Ages in the 13th Century
  • How industrialism was birthed from the 19th century
  • How Europe has become a strong nation since the 20th century and Second World War
  • How the Bronze Age brought with it many advances for ancient Egypt.
  • How the Bubonic Plague brought about increased support for the Catholic Church